About Us

Omniscreens Ltd is a provider of displays and rear projection screens which enhance the visual display of your event. Omniscreens Ltd is a specialist provider of rear projection film/screens which can enhance the visual display of any exhibition stand, office, shop etc. The image projected from behind the screen is caught so viewers in front can see the content just like a television screen.Our business model enables us to offer rear projection solutions at affordable prices. We understand that your clients’ image and communication are essential. What we are offering is the extra tool to make them stand out and leave a lasting impression. Our film/screens combined with your design flair, innovation and expert knowledge can truly build a unique range of visual attraction. If you’d like to explore how our rear projection solution can enhance your clients’ exhibition stand, please email us or give us a call.

We understand that your image and communication are essential elements to a successful event. We therefore encourange our Omni-Stand to be used in the following environments:

  • Exhibitions
  • Business Advertising
  • Office Displays
  • Business & Academic Presentations
  • Conferences / Seminars
  • Press Conferences
  • Retail Outlets
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Promotions
  • Launch Parties
  • Hotel Receptions.

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